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Combination boilers or “combi” boilers are among the most popular home boiler systems within the UK. True to their name’s sake, these heating systems combine efficient water heating with powerful central heating in one to provide households with on-demand hot water and heat. Combi boilers are best for homes with limited space, couples, or small families, due to their modest size and ability to heat water on demand. Although an oil-fired combi boiler is available, gas and LPG variants are more frequent. Combi boilers have become the most popular boiler type in the UK due to various appealing characteristics. In general, combi boilers are 

  • less expensive, 
  • more efficient, 
  • have no waiting time because they work quickly, 
  • less likely to have pressure problems. 

Because combi boilers are so widespread, most boiler professionals are qualified to repair and maintain them. It will be easier to locate qualified engineers in your area as a result of this.

Most houses will benefit from our A-rated gas combi boilers. They’re usually simple to set up, compact, and come in various sizes and outputs. Our boilers are also compatible with a variety of fuel sources, so whether you need an LPG, oil, or gas combination boiler, we have a large selection that should be able to meet your requirements.

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We are a construction company specializing in loft conversion & house renovation in Sutton and the London area. We provide our clients with a first-class service thanks to our 20 years of experience within the construction and home renovation industry.

From our specialist loft conversions to our stunning home extensions, we go above and beyond to create that much-needed extra space in your home where you need it most. Whether you’re looking to increase your property’s value or make it more liveable for your growing family, we can help make your home renovation in surrey dreams a reality

Home extensions or kitchen extensions are relatively cost-effective and highly versatile. A home extension in Weybridge, whether this is a kitchen, wrap-around extension, flat roof extension, rear extension, or side return extension, can provide you with the additional room they need at your existing property. To upgrade your house without breaking the bank, call us today for a free estimate for your house renovation in Sutton.

Get your home up and running with a professional electrical installation, the knowledgeable and certified electrical technician who can perform all sorts of electrical installation work. If your taps are dripping, faucets need fixing, or you want to start using your new washing machine right away, contact us to get your plumbing done.

We work with pros who operate under the brand name through our franchise scheme, covering domestic & commercial electrics, plumbing, carpentry, heating, gas & boiler installation, building work, partial or complete property refurbishment. In other words, we can handle almost all types of property repair and improvement work.


we can handle almost all types of property repair and improvement work, including the home renovation in Surrey.

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