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Get your new boiler installed or boiler repair in sutton with 10 years warranty & service at an affordable price.

A boiler is a closed vessel where water or another liquid gets heated, steam or vapor is created, smoke is super-heated, or any combination of these, under pressure or vacuum, for external use, using direct energy from fuel combustion, electricity, or nuclear power.


There are several benefits combi-boiler serves, which makes it a perfect choice among people. Some of them are:

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Save energy
  3. More efficient
  4. Affordable
  5. Faster
  6. Easier to service

Why Should You Service Your Boiler Every Year?

Preventative boiler maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. It will also assist in extending the life of your system while ensuring the safety of your company and personnel. Here are some more compelling reasons to maintain your boiler servicing schedule:

  1. Regular boiler check-ups will save the cost of your repair by catching the problem early.
  2. Routine safety tests performed during regular servicing appointments can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and other harmful boiler operation scenarios.
  3. To be covered under most boiler warranties and insurance policies, annual maintenance is required.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairment

Here’s a list of common boiler symptoms that necessitate the assistance of a certified boiler technician, so you know when to call for help:

  1. There is no heat at all, and there are signs of a water leak.
  2. Strange noises
  3. The pilot will not stay lighted.
  4. Water pressure is low.
  5. Radiators aren’t getting hot enough.

To improve the working of your boiler system and save money on your monthly bills, you can:

  • Install a power saver.
  • Install variable frequency drive. 
  • Warm up the combustion air.
  • Control the pace of blowdown.
  • Examine the steam traps.
  • Check your burner for seasonal changes regularly.

When choosing a gas boiler, it’s also essential to think about the several ways you can control your heating. For example, many new boilers include computerized controls and new generation thermostats to help you save money on your heating bills by maximizing efficiency.

Try our free quote service today if you’re interested in getting a new combi boiler installation and boiler repair in Sutton, Boiler service, or if you’re facing any trouble with the one you have installed. Our team will be in touch ASAP.