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Well, here at Consult a Builder, we want the professionals using our platform to be as successful as possible. The get hired guarantee is designed for your peace of mind and means that in the unlikely instance you don’t get hired from your first pack of credits, we will give you the credits back to use again, for free (one more time). All you need to do to redeem this guarantee is call or email 3 days after you finished your first pack of credits.
Once you have responded to a customer, it is free to send additional messages. You can send an email to the customer through Consult a Builder or of your own accord (although we would recommend making use of our great email template function). Consult a Builder does not currently support attachments but it will do shortly. If you would like to share an attachment with the customer we recommend sending this to them directly with the contact details you have for them.
As much as we would like to, we cannot guarantee that every customer you contact through Consult a Builder will respond to you. Because customers receive different responses from competing professionals, it may be the case that a customer only replies to the professional they want to hire or the professionals they have shortlisted. This is normal when running a business. If you had a shop front, not everyone who walked in would buy something. If you’re advertising online, not everyone who clicked through to your website will convert. Do not worry, this is part and parcel of generating new customers. That being said, there are numerous things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired. These include:
Ensure you have a great profile! Potential customers will view your profile and use this to decide whether you could be the right professional for them.
Ensure there are no spelling mistakes, you have a salesy company description and lots of information highlighting how your business is right for them.
Set your lead preferences. You want to make sure the leads that are coming through are as relevant as possible.
Respond to customers as soon as possible. Strike whilst the iron is hot!
Try and get through to them in a few different ways. Attempt to call them, send them an SMS or an email. If at first, they don’t answer, that’s ok! Keep trying – they might be at work or doing the school run!
All Consult a Builder leads are priced in credits. The number of credits needed to respond to a lead varies depending on the service required and the size of the job. The credit price is always visible before responding to the lead. The standard price for a credit is but we offer a number of great discounts when buying packs of credits.
Your profile description is a great opportunity for you to explain in your own words what you do and what sets you apart from other businesses in your industry. A few key things you could include are: A list of the different services you offer. A brief company history e.g how long you’ve been in business etc. What makes you different from your competitors. Any current offers you may have. Remember, you want to make a good first impression, so: Format your description so it can be read clearly. Space things out and avoid big blocks of text. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.