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How much does a new kitchen cost?

You can unlock the new potential of your kitchen with a remodel that costs between £2,000 — £18,000. However, as previously mentioned, this can depend on the choices you make about the design and fitting of your new kitchen. If you’re happy to make some compromises on materials or labour, this price can move towards the lower end of the scale.

Parts and Material

There are certain decisions you must make before you begin shopping around, such as the layout of the new remodelled kitchen. If you want to move your kitchen sink or your oven, this is a process that will require more parts, plumbing, and even the possibility that your gas lines will need to be rerouted. 

This will add to the cost due to the extra work being carried out, and the expertise required to do the job well. We certainly wouldn’t recommend a DIY option where gas, water, or electrics are involved! However, if you need to have your kitchen both remodelled and fitted by experts, this adds extra peace of mind to knowing the work has been done by professionals.

Materials such as countertopscupboard doors and handles will need to be chosen to fit the size of your kitchen. If you’re moving around appliances such as ovens and sinks, then measuring up your cupboard spaces is a priority. Existing fittings such as built-in cupboards and shelves, windows and doors will play a part in how your new kitchen remodelling will look and potentially cost. 

Lowering the costs for materials within a remodel can mean that a kitchen makeover is more feasible with a lower budget. This can mean replacing cupboard doors and handles instead of completely remodelling the kitchen. However, adding new cupboard doors can really bring new life into an outdated kitchen, without the need to spend thousands. 

A kitchen makeover, which replaces only some parts of your kitchen rather than every fitting, would typically cost around £1000 — £5000, depending on kitchen size and the changes you want to make.


Labour can be a big cost when remodelling a kitchen, as it’s likely that you’ll need to hire builders, plumbers, plasterers, or an all-in-one kitchen fitting service. Usually when remodelling a kitchen, you can get the fitting done by the same place you have bought the new kitchen from, meaning it’s included within the price quoted at the beginning.

Some people are able to fit new kitchens themselves, if they are builders or fit kitchens for a living. However, this would mean fitting and remodelling your kitchen in your own time, which can be very time-consuming, taking longer than a fitting service would, and potentially causing disruption to your daily life. 

If you have are working to a strict budget with your new kitchen remodel, it might be best to look into how much it would be for a full kitchen to be fitted by the company that you are buying your new kitchen from. Then also look at how much it would be to do some small jobs yourself, if your have the skills, and have builders do the rest. 

What’s the average cost of fitting a new kitchen?

As previously mentioned, the average cost of fitting a new kitchen can vary a great deal, depending on how much of the process you can do yourself, how much of the work needs to be done by professionals, and whether you have a package installation with your remodelling.

Fitting a new kitchen can vary from around £2000 to £18,000 on average. However, you can make this as cheap or as expensive as you wish. If you want to have expensive kitchen doors or move your sink and oven to a new spot, these types of changes would add to the price. If you are happy to keep the kitchen layout similar, with the oven and plumbing in the same spots, you can usually keep the cost lower. 

There are other things to consider when getting your kitchen remodelled. For instance, do you want to have a breakfast island in your kitchen? Or a new, built-in oven? For these changes, you’d need to look into how much a built-in oven cupboard would cost, alongside if your kitchen windows would be an issue or an extractor fan needs to be moved.

Getting a quote for a kitchen remodel

The starting point of getting your kitchen remodelled would be to look at what style of kitchen you want, then start looking into quotes. You can look at full package installations and remodel packages, or get outside professionals to fit your kitchen. Depending on the size and the changes you wish to make, this could vary the price. 

A new, fully bespoke kitchen remodelling means choosing every aspect of your new kitchen and having this fitted, which is the easiest option as you will then pay for one service covering multiple aspects of the remodel. It also means you don’t have to worry about finding builders or kitchen fitters to fit your new kitchen after it’s been delivered, and lining up the timescales as things can sometimes change. Having all your remodelling and fitting done by one company takes the pressure of project managing the whole remodel and will all be shown in one quote.

If having the kitchen remodelled and fitted by one company is out of your price point, then there are things you can do which will lower the average price. For instance, doing some of the fitting yourself, or having builders you’ve found to fit the kitchen. Just make sure the kitchen fitters do offer warranty on anything they fit and have the credentials to fit your new kitchen correctly. This means there will be separate quotes for the new kitchen and the fitting, plus sourcing your own builders means you need to manage timescales of delivery and fitting. 

If you prefer to get your kitchen remodelled and fitting by one company, Kitchen Makeovers offer this service. You can contact us or book an appointment to see us and discuss your kitchen remodelling quote.

Five things to know before booking your remodel

There are plenty of things you can do before you book your remodelling that can help either get some money from your old kitchen, or to make the process run as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to help you make the best of remodelling your kitchen.

1. Sell Your Old Kitchen Units

Selling your old kitchen units means you can make back some of the money you put into your new bespoke kitchen. This can help with buying new appliances to match your new kitchen design or colour. Just make sure you can remove them with minimal damage if this is not part of your fitting and installation package.

2. Plumbing Work

If you’re 100% set on moving some of the plumbing work in your kitchen remodelling, then mention this to the company you’re buying your bespoke kitchen from. They can inform the fitters and make sure this type of labour is factored into the timescales for the remodelling.

3. Plastering

If you have cupboards attached to walls, or tiles, then removing these may affect the plastering work. Much like plumbing work, this can change the price point and timescale of the kitchen remodelling. Letting the kitchen fitters know that you plan to move cupboards or anything that could pull the plaster from the walls is a priority. Plastering may not be included in the kitchen fitting and does need time to dry once it has been applied to the walls.

4. Flooring

Are you planning on changing the flooring of your kitchen? If so, this will also need to be mentioned when getting a quote or timescale for the kitchen remodelling. Some companies may offer new flooring within their packages, but if not, then this will need to be planned beforehand, so the kitchen fitting can go smoothly.

5. Electrics

If it’s been a while since any renovating has been done in the kitchen, then some electrical work may be needed. This can include rewiring or moving any of the sockets to fit the new kitchen layout. If you’ve moved a cupboard on the wall to a new place, you might want this to have a socket underneath to house a kettle or microwave. This kind of electrical rewiring needs to be completed before booking your remodel.

Choosing your fitting service

Choosing your fitting service is sometimes a struggle. Whether you want to use the kitchen supplier’s fitters or get your own team to come and fit your new kitchen, both choices can drastically change the cost. 

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